Love is…Part 4

We have laid the basis of a solid relationship with Love is patient, love is kind. We have discussed how pitfalls like insecurity, anger and pride can undermine love. The final piece, “Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” Always. I love how underscored that word is. It is a reminder when we face the things in the previous section, … Continue reading Love is…Part 4

Love is…Part 1

It seems like conflict is all around me lately. My social media is filled with conflict. Even the groups that I follow that are supposed to uplifting and encouraging have this underlying negativity. People always seem to be complaining about something. I started reading a new book this week by Candace Cameron Bure called, Kind is the New Classy. I have always admired Candace and … Continue reading Love is…Part 1

Word of the Week 2/13/19

“A man’s character always takes its hue, more or less, from the form and color of things about him.” Frederick Douglass What colors your life? Are you surrounding yourself with things that are pure, honorable, right and lovely? We take on the characteristics of those around us. So who or what are your strongest influences? Do they grow your character in healthy and productive ways? … Continue reading Word of the Week 2/13/19