Come on now!

January 10th – We are only ten days into the year and I already feel like the universe is conspiring against me to knock me off my goals and my word of the year track. I tend to start planning my goals for the new year in November. I have mentioned in previous blogs that I had a health goal for 2018. Instead of waiting for January 2018 to begin, I jumped on a plan at the end of November 2017 so that by January, I had hopefully developed some routines and the beginning of healthy habits.

This year, we have set some financial goals. We want to pay off some things faster and work towards a couple awesome vacations for our 25th wedding anniversary in two years. Just like last year, I started in mid-November coming up with an attack plan. I laid out a budget and found out where we were spending money needlessly. (Who knew that coffee out every day added up to hundreds every month? It’s only like $3 a drink!) Anyway, we had a good plan and we’ve been making good progress. But, just a few weeks later and it feels like I am not making any headway. We had a small medical thing pop up in December and those bills are now rolling in. Charlie had a car accident over three months ago and the ramifications of a teen driver with two accidents is rearing its ugly head. I feel frustrated. I have a goal! I have a plan!

I have learned this with the goals I have set over the last few years, whenever we set an intention or work to make a new habit, there comes a point where our new habits are tested. One piece of my financial goal is to not pull out a credit card when things like an unforeseen doctor bill pops up, but to figure out how to cash flow it in my budget. That might mean that the restaurant budget for January gets cut. The goal is to push through and solidify new habits. I know that these tests will come regularly. They certainly did when I was working on my health goal last year.

So, as the calendar rolls along, you might be feeling like the world is conspiring against you to prevent you from making the changes you have set for yourself. Are you going to push through and find a new point of resistance or are you going to fall back on your old way of doing things?

Here are a couple things that are helping me stay focused on my new intentions:

  1. I created something visual that I can look at every day to remind myself of my intentions.
  2. I filled my social media and podcast library with things related to my goal.
  3. I went to the library and grabbed some books that speak about my goal and success stories so I don’t feel like I am alone in the journey.
  4. I told a couple close family members and friends about the specifics of my goal so they can check in with me AND so I have some to go to if I feel like I am falling off track.

So tell me how you are doing with your goals? Have you hit a point of resistance yet? Let me know what you are doing to push through!