Two weeks ago, I wrote about my Word of the Year for 2018, discipline. At that time, I hadn’t quite figured out what my word would be for the new year. For about a week, I thought it would be something about faith. I spent a good amount of time reflecting on 2018 and all the things that I have learned about myself, what went right and what went terribly wrong, and the central theme seemed to develop that spoke about an increase in my faith. So I thought I would build on that for awhile. But, nothing quite seemed to fit. The increasing of my faith over 2018 was just one piece I wanted to continue to expand in 2019.

As, I was going to sleep a few nights ago, the word finally came to me. Stretch. I looked up the dictionary definition of stretch and there are so many good things. definition: 

Stretch – be made or is capable of being wider or longer without bending or breaking; lasting longer than expected; make great  demands of the capacity or resources; cause someone to make  maximum use of their talents or abilities; adapt or extend the  scope of something that exceeds a reasonable or acceptable  limit

That’s what I want for 2019. I want to be stretched. I want my faith to be wider and deeper. I want my patience to last longer than expected. I want to make maximum use of my talents or abilities. I want to adapt and exceed my own expectations for my health, fitness and budget. I want to be STRETCHED.

I enjoy the practice of Yoga. A few years ago, I attended a class regularly on Wednesday night. It was a perfect mid-week break from strength training or running. But, make no mistake, yoga is no joke. The class typically started with simple poses to warm up the body. The initial stretch feels so good. It is relaxing. The muscles begin to elongate and I rested into the poses. However, there comes a time when the teacher asks you to go a little deeper into each pose. Hold it a little bit longer. All of the sudden, my body is shaking and trembling as I move a little bit further, stretch a little bit deeper. I don’t think that I can do what the teacher is asking, but then I do. How? Because every pose prior to the harder pose is leading me to this one. Every lunge or squat or warrior one or warrior two builds on something to lead me to the ultimate pose that we are trying to master. This is what I want for 2019. I want everything that I have learned and experienced in 2018 to push me toward another harder thing. At the end of 2019, I want to feel the shake in my muscles. I want to know that I was stretched to my limits, but I stayed with the pose and went just a little deeper. I want to be STRETCHED.

So, did you come up with your word yet? Did you set your intention for the new year? Give me a shout out.